This Christmas, Deusto Expo Center is hosting the XXII “International Exhibition of Nativity Scenes of the World” by the curator and owner of the collection Teresa Lafragua, which leaves the Santxotena  Museum of  Artziniega for the first time and is exhibited in Bilbao (Deusto).

It is one of the most important nativity scenes exhibitions in Europe. Original pieces grouped in more than 1,300 nativity scenes, show the peculiarities of different parts of the 5 continents. It is a creative and cultural Exhibition around the concept of Christmas as universality as it has never been seen before.

It is a unique exhibition in the world, made up of replicas of cultural and social themes, mythological characters or the most traditional nativity scenes. Everyone has a place in this space that is an unavoidable visit this Christmas not only because of its significant number of nativity scenes, but also because of its staging, the configuration of the collection and the planning of the route.

There are thousands of pieces, grouped in nativity scenes that cross the five continents, from the simplicity of the African nativity scenes, to the sophistication of the Russians, from the humility of the esparto, to the luxury of the silver and brocaded fabrics. All offer an ethnographic reading of the customs and clothing of each area.

Traditional objects, specific materials, clothing and colors capture and give life to the most representative actions and customs of the territory, achieving with every detail to recreate the identity of very different cultures under the same idea: Christmas.

Although exhibited in Bilbao, the curator wanted to wink at Artziniega with one of the most particular nativity scenes in the presentation, recalling the mystery of the town of Artziniega. Through 3 different compositions, this nativity scene shows the nativity scene with characters from the Sanctuary of the Encina, a market in the medieval quarter in front of the three famous towers of the town and a representation of the rural world. Composed of pieces over 100 years old, it becomes an ode to the tradition of this Alava province.

In the words of the curator – “This exhibition is very differentiating and unique, my essence is in hundreds of them, when I meet an artisan I begin to think about how a mystery could arise adapted to the characteristics of their hands, I make the proposal giving instructions Clear and precise of what I intend to emerge, opening new paths that they can expand, they are unique and exclusive nativity scenes, so when they are exposed there is always a story behind, with the work that has been developed by both parties, visitors are surprised in addition to the quality of the work by the human part that each one of them have.

We promote the work of artisans, potters and ceramists typical of each community, by commissioning exclusive works, with them we work the ethnography and anthropology of the peoples of five continents “-

Visitors will be able to enjoy this exhibition with all their senses, so to accompany the view of the materials, colors and sizes of the pieces, visitors will be able to enjoy an explanation from the curator herself, recorded in Spanish, Basque and English, which They will be able to listen to each one with their mobile for safety and hygiene reasons. In this way it will be difficult to miss a minute detail exposed and some of the anecdotes of the origin of each Nativity scene.


To end the visit, visitors can enjoy a traditional Christmas market. Thus we will have stalls with a wide range of products, ceramics, costume jewelery, jewelery, leather, wood, textiles, toys, Basque cuisine products and typical Christmas gifts.

Reports recorded at Christmas 2019 at the Santxotena Museum in Artziniega.
BEWARE, this year they are exhibited at DEUSTO!