From the Dinosaurs to the conquest of Space.
The History narrated with more than 100,000 pieces by PLAYMOBIL.

The exhibition is the largest private collection in Europe. The visitor will take a tour of the 6 ages into which the History of Planet Earth is divided. 4543 million years, from its origin to the present day, from the Dinosaurs to the conquest of Space. All through more than 180 linear meters of exhibitors built with more than 100,000 pieces of PLAYMOBIL

The Journey begins in Prehistory, 3.500 BC. where you can see scenes from Dinosaurs to Homo Sapiens.


Continues through the ancient Age, 3.000 BC until 476 AC.with scenes of Egyptians, Romans, Chinese, etc.

We continue throug the Middel Ages, 5th to 15th centuries, with their castles, abbeys and crusades; the Vikings, magin, the birth of artisans and we come to the Discovery of America.

We continue the journey We continue the journey to reach the Modern Age, 15th to 18th centuries. At this stage, visitors will remember the great navigators, the colonization of new territories, the time of the musketeers and the birth of great painters and sculptors. The arrival of the steam engine and the industrial revolution.

With this review of history we come to our days, the Contemporary Age, with scenes of airports, beaches, marinas, circus, zoo, theater, mall and a variety of sports

To end the tour, some scenes from the Future, how we imagine life on other planets.

Audio guides: During the tour the visitor will be able to listen to an audio guide in Spanish, Basque or English with his own mobile. This will help children especially to understand what they are seeing.

Cinema: We have a documentary that places visitors in the most improtant ages and milestones in each part of history that they will visit. 

Photocall: Visitors will hace a photocall to take souvenir photos. In addition to being able to take photographs during the tour.

Quiz: En la At the entrance the children will receive a Quiz with a set of clues that they must find, so they go through the exhibition paying more attention to the detaisl that they must find. There will be a raffle of prizes among the participants.

Store: In the store you can buy PLAYMOBIL games.

COVID-19: We have all the safety and hygiene measures so that visitors can enjoy a safe experience.  

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