They come from France and Germany, more than 300,000 people have already visited it and they have their premiere in Bilbao !!!!
1,200 square meters of exhibition, more than 30 animatronic and large dinosaurs,
like T-REX with more than 13m lenght and the Branchiosaurus with 6m height.

Come and travel with us to the Mesozoic era, 65 million years ago, where these impressive vertebrates lived. This era was divided into three periods: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. In the Exhibition you will find a representation of each era.

Dinosaurs had a great diversity of species and reached gigantic sizes. One of their main distinguishable characteristics was that they had the legs located below the body, like mammals, and not towards the sides, like most reptiles.

You want to know more? Come and learn innumerable questions about dinosaurs, their way of life, their behavior, how they moved, how they communicated with each other, and even the reason for their extinction of these prehistoric giants.

It may be because of the mystery that surrounds them, because of their enormous size, because of their appearance, or perhaps for other reasons, but the truth is that we have all been fascinated by Dinosaurs at some time. We have all wanted to know more about them. And for that reason this didactic exhibition arises.

Come and share with your family and friends this dream trip! 

It may be its enormous size, its appearance or its roars, but nobody is indifferent!

During the tour, discover about thirty robotic and almost real species up to 5 meters high. An educational meeting with our audio guide for smartphones and our explanatory panels for each species so that children and adults can enjoy the contents.

At the beginning of the tour, each child will receive a QUIZ with clues and questions that they will have to fill out during their trip. This way they will take advantage of the visit and will be able to study each of the exposed species. An experience for the little adventurers!

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The big predators. They fed on animals, through predation or the consumption of carrion.


They fed exclusively on plants and herbs. Much of their time was spent consuming food.


The fliers came in different sizes, from
very small to giant wings. Today’s birds come from this species.


dinos bilbao


2 triceratops


dinos bilbao


dinos bilbao




dinos bilbao



8 carnotaurus


9 oviraptor


dinos bilbao


dinos bilbao