To all thefriends of the Deusto Expo Center, those who have visited us and those who are to come.

Much encouragement o everyone!

COVID-19 will not last forever.

We will return with more forece.

Since the virus reached our homes, we have suffered a situation never experienced before in society. COVID-19 has paralyzed us all leaving us, in the best of circumstances, at home. This perverse virus has attacked some of the customs that characterize us the most: going out for a walk, sharing some beer with friends, going to the cinema or the theater, or visiting cultural exhibitions with the family. But COVID-19 has also presented us with some challenges.

At DEUSTO EXPO CENTER we are taking advantage of this hibernation stage to prepare ourselves to the maximum by mounting the next exhibition with enthusiasm for the return. At this time, we continue to answer questions or doubts on the customer service phone number 944 106 155 during office hours as always or in our contact emails that you will find on the web. The current reality is that we have had to stop some of the projects we were carrying out, but the DEUSTO EXPO CENTER group team continues to work in its Deusto offices to continue offering the best response.

At DEUSTO EXPO CENTER we are eager, like everyone else, to defeat this virus, but for now we are gaining strength to return with more energy if possible. Finally, we wish everyone good health and we hope to greet you with total normality shortly.


Until then receive a cordial greeting.

Together we will overcome it.






Egypt Exhibition

from July 12, 2019 to August 12, 2020

Nativity Scenes

Christmas 2020/21